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Do You Know When to Have Your Next Ovulation Test?

Having an best ovulation strips in the event that you are trying to conceive is helpful, but it can be frustrating if you are trying to find out when to have your next one. Many couples try to get pregnant in the days when they are ovulating, only to have another pregnancy result in miscarriage. There are several factors to consider when trying to get pregnant. Ovulation is the process

Baby’s first teeth

This should be another one of those great chapters of motherhood: teething. The date of departure of the first tooth is a mystery and varies from one child to another. An Ares for example, came out the first little tooth just before the age of nine months, and of late, as they say, that the media starts to do around the sixth month. They also say that there are children who wear it great and seem not to know,

How to save money on serum

The physiological serum, essential that most of us always have at hand to help our babies breathe better. Diapers, creampie for changing diaper, cologne, wipes, and serum. I can not live without them. But when winter comes and you have to use it 2-3 times a day, the pocket suffers. Babies don't know how to blow their mucus, and the serum helps them hydrate their nostrils. Our pediatrician told us that we could put him

How Long Do You Ovulate After Your Period?

Normally, the ovum leaves 13-15 days before the start of the period. In medicine, there are concepts of early and late ovulation. However, this definition is not general, but is suitable for describing a specific case. Early ovulation is the maturation and release of an ovum earlier than usual. For example, for a 28-day cycle, ovulation on day 9-11 is considered early. This is not an abnormality. This situation may arise

How return of the cycle after childbirth?

During pregnancy the levels of estrogen and progesterone are such as to inhibit ovulation and therefore the menstrual cycle and after childbirth we must wait awhile before our biological clock resumes its rhythm. The first phase of postpartum is represented by the lobes, i.e. those losses that occur from the moment of delivery and that persist for about 3-4 weeks gradually changing color. After the birth of the baby, our

How to calculate the female fertile period in case of irregular cycle

I'm having a hard time calculating my ovulation period. The answer is no? But there are many girls and women who do not know how their reproductive system and the genital system works. The menstrual cycle is one of the mechanisms surprisingly less known by girls of all ages. This general "ignorance" about such an important moment in a woman's life is usually faced when she starts thinking about
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Tips for Moms to Eat Healthy and Stay Fit on the Go

I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty tough keeping up with the stress of being Superwoman all the time. So many of us are bringing in an income, raising our children, and keeping the house clean (sort of), while running a slew of errands and trying to find something to put on the dinner table every night. However, with all of that going on one of the

Five Low-Carb Breakfast Ideas

For quite some time my doctor has encouraged me to adopt a low-carb lifestyle which I have resisted until recently. Lunch and dinner have been relatively easy to manage with low-carb alternatives; however, breakfast is somewhat of a challenge because of the morning rush activities. There really isn’t enough time to whip up a veggie frittata or Eggs Florentine. Besides, I would be the only one eating any of

Baby’s Gender

A Guide to Determining First Pregnancy By Lisa Hurt Kozarovich Pink or blue - determining baby genderSara Fleury of Phoenix, Ariz., swears by the Chinese fertility chart. Laura Brooks and her friends in Orange County, Calif., say if you want to know the sex of your baby without an ultrasound, the pencil-on-a-string method has proven 90 percent accurate in their group. Then there's the old urine-in-the-Drano test. In fact, there are dozens

12 weeks for baby and mother

"Ideally, women should discuss their health and medical situation with a health care provider before pregnancy," says Dr. Susan Bathgate, assistant professor of maternal-fetal medicine at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. "This is important because many women don't realize they are pregnant until about five or six weeks after they have missed a period, and then some important development has already taken place." Now is not the time to

Fetal Development | Fetal Development With Twins

Dr. Lillian Schapiro, an OB/GYN and women's health expert with Peachtree Women's Specialists, P.C. in Atlanta, Ga., knows all about carrying twins. After five cycles of fertility treatments, she became pregnant with twin daughters and delivered them in 1996. Her experiences inspired her self-published novel, Tick Tock (iUniverse, 2005), where the main character, a female gynecologist in the midst of a fertility rotation, discovers she may be infertile herself.

Fetal Development | Fetal Movement and Kick Counts

Fetal Movement Facts A fetus usually spends about 10 percent of its time moving its body. In general, fetal movement is first felt during the 5th month of pregnancy (around week 18 to 20, a bit earlier if you've been pregnant before, later if this is your first pregnancy). "Fetal movements are at first very weak and moms may just think it is 'intestinal activity,'" says Dr. Mary B. Munn, director

Child Abuse – You Suspect a Child Is at Risk

Every year, Americans make more than three million reports of suspected child abuse. What constitutes abuse, and how can you become a child's advocate? The woman standing in front of you in the supermarket checkout lane is trying to unload her groceries while calming the frantic screams of her toddler. Suddenly, the child reaches out, grabs a candy bar from the rack, and squeezes it with all her might. The

First Pregnancy | 6 Things You Might Have Overlooked

Think there's nothing else you can do? Think again. Chances are, you've been overlooking some of the best ways to boost fertility. Just when does ovulation happen? If you don't know, you're not alone. Get tested for chlamydia and thyroid problems. Chlamydia can wreak havoc on fertility if untreated. This sexually transmitted disease (STD) is often asymptomatic, so you'll need to get tested regardless of how you feel. Thyroid problems can

Labor & Delivery | The ABCs of Cord Blood Banking

In this age of product recycling, it is exciting news that we now have the opportunity to recycle life-saving blood cells that have routinely been discarded with the placenta after childbirth. The ultimate in biological recycling is umbilical cord blood collection. Last year, 600 children died of Leukemia. Ten to 15 thousand Americans each year are unable to find suitable bone marrow donors. No longer must donors undergo painful procedures

First Pregnancy | First and Two Trimester Tips

Ever hit a state of too much information? When it comes to pregnancy, there is definitely a lot out there. The problem is a lot of the information is inaccurate, contradictory, unnecessary and, sometimes, downright scary, especially in the first trimester. Dr. Glade Curtis is the author of the Your Pregnancy series of books published by DaCapo Press. He notes that the Internet can be a wonderful educational tool for

First Pregnancy | First Trimester Worries

Sharon Wren, mother of two from East Moline, Ill., was particularly worried because of a previous miscarriage. "The doctors said there weren't any signs that I would have a problem carrying another baby, but I wasn't sure until he was born," Wren says. "So that was a good nine months of worrying right there. My second big worry in the first trimester was weight gain – I wasn't gaining

That First Kick – feeling baby during pregnancy

Although no one can quite prepare you for what you will experience when you feel those early flutters from Baby, it will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable moments of your life as a mom-to-be. These first flutterings from Baby are called quickening. Although each pregnancy and woman is different, as your baby continues to grow as the months pass, he will soon stretch his legs and arms

Nature’s remedies could be harmful to your reproductive health

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, infertility is diagnosed after one year of not being able to achieve pregnancy. Even with so many people lined up to register at baby stores, it's estimated that about 6.1 million American couples experience infertility each year. That's about 10 percent of the reproductive population. If you are having some trouble getting pregnant, take a look and see if you are using

Home & Water Birth – Choose Water Birth

What Is a Water Birth? While water birth is not a particularly mainstream option in this country, women around the world often give birth in water. Traditionally in Hawaii and some other coastal cultures, women sometimes even gave birth in the ocean. Midwives who attend water births note that one of the most striking benefits of water birth is pain management. Today in the United States, water births most often find Mom