First Pregnancy | All About the Cervix

Pregnancy brings this tiny organ to the forefront of our minds, as the cervix softens, lengthens, elongates, dilates, thins and does all sorts of interesting things. So just what is the cervix and exactly what is its role in pregnancy? The following questions and answers will tell you what you need to know about this very important piece of our anatomy. What is the cervix anyway? The cervix is the opening

Preconception – From nutrition to sex positions

McCarthy boosted her fertility with regular acupuncture treatments. The sessions smoothed out her irregular periods. She also exercised regularly and made sure she was well rested before trying to conceive. Use your body's physical signs of ovulation and pre-ovulation to predict optimal time for conception. "Try to take time out – get away from a busy schedule," says McCarthy, who gave her own body a few months to recoup after she