Baby’s first teeth

This should be another one of those great chapters of motherhood: teething.

The date of departure of the first tooth is a mystery and varies from one child to another. An Ares for example, came out the first little tooth just before the age of nine months, and of late, as they say, that the media starts to do around the sixth month. They also say that there are children who wear it great and seem not to know, but the vast majority do notice.

Signs that have announced the arrival of the tooth:

1. The slobber drips uncontrollably and he puts everything in his mouth with anxiety and despair. This is a phrase that begins to be very long. Our pediatrician has been telling us that his teeth are coming out since he was 4 months old.

2. The slime starts to irritate your face (especially around the mouth)

3.  Segregate more mucus than usual.

4.  These bugs have also caused the occasional attack of an unexpected cough during the early morning.

5 . He bites everything that comes before him, be it his father’s finger or arm or his mother’s face. What catches.

6. Reject food, especially purees. The bottles and yogurts are taken for pleasure, but the porridge tells you to eat it yourself.

7. We detect an unexpected irritation in the culture, with redness and granite included.

8. The gums become inflamed in such a way that it seems that you get to see the tooth inside the skin.

9. His mood becomes more susceptible and he has an overdose of little pigs. It bothers him to be alone and wants more pampering and arms.

Remedies to relieve pain

An Ares relieves anything that might get in the mouth and can stick a good bite. His father’s finger usually works very well, but I don’t advise you. We usually calm him more with the pacifier or even with a small bottle of water that he uses only to play with his nipple.
The tips of the breadsticks are the hand of a saint and also leaves you trained for about 20 minutes and the bites chilled too (although now in winter the hands are too cold).



Although baby teeth have a limited duration, they also require care and attention. I tell you because my friend Mireia, who is a dentist specializing in children, has it etched on fire. In fact, he gave us a special brush to the whole group of friends so that we can accustom our babies to clean their gums even after breastfeeding. From the year on, you could start using a soft bristle brush for babies soaked in water (without toothpaste).

Another of those things that has recorded us on fire is that we do not let the baby fall asleep with the bottle in the mouth to avoid the appearance of early caries (but here I have to confess that I have not achieved it and when Ares falls asleep with the baby bottle, I’m unable to wake you up).
Luckily not much happens.

In Vitadent they have a fun section, “Learn with the Little Mouse”, where they send you to email tips on how to brush your mouth, take care of your teeth and food to have stronger teeth. They have also designed some super cool videos for children to learn in an easy and entertaining way.

If your children are a little older, they also offer a free child preventive dentistry visit. With the advances that are now, you can even customize them with colors.

And you? Tell me how you are taking this difficult phase for everyone …

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