Five Low-Carb Breakfast Ideas

For quite some time my doctor has encouraged me to adopt a low-carb lifestyle which I have resisted until recently. Lunch and dinner have been relatively easy to manage with low-carb alternatives; however, breakfast is somewhat of a challenge because of the morning rush activities. There really isn’t enough time to whip up a veggie frittata or Eggs Florentine. Besides, I would be the only one eating any of those since the rest of my family are dedicated cereal crunchers. So here are five quick and easy low-carb breakfast ideas I have come up with:

Fruits: If your low-carb diet plan allows fruits (mine does in limited quantities), try spooning some cottage cheese over a slice of cantaloupe. This is so yummy! You can also mix a spoonful of berries with plain Greek yogurt (fewer carbs than traditional yogurt) or one of the low-carb yogurts such as DANNON® Light & Fit®.

Egg Sandwich: This requires a little pre-planning because you will need to boil or scramble your eggs the night before. Then, in the morning toast one or two slices of low-carb, multi-grain bread and layer thinly sliced hard boiled eggs over one slice. Or spoon on some scrambled eggs that have been reheated a few seconds in the microwave. Add a slice of cheese and either cover with the second slice of bread or eat open-face style.

Ham and Cheese Roll-ups: Take a slice of deli-style ham and layer a slice of cheese over top. Then just roll up and eat 2 or 3 of these for a fast, super easy breakfast. You can also spoon some cottage cheese or pre-cooked scrambled eggs over the cheese slice before rolling up. For lunch, I also like to wrap the ham and cheese in a lettuce leaf and add a dribble of peanut sauce.

Vegetable Frittata: Okay, I know I said there wasn’t enough time to whip up a frittata in the mornings, and that’s true. Unless you do it on a weekend morning or some other convenient time. Then you can cut the frittata into wedges, freeze each one individually and reheat in the microwave on a busy morning before rushing out of the door. Check out these easy instructions on how to Make a Frittata at

Low-Carb Cereal: For die-hard cereal lover fans, there are several low-carb cereals at the supermarket that are actually quite tasty such as Kellogg’s® Special K® ProteinPlus cereal. They even have a $1-off coupon!  Pour some yummilicious almond or soy milk over a bowl and enjoy.

Other ideas for eating a low-carb breakfast on the run are precooked packages of bacon or sausage which only take a few seconds to heat in the microwave; cheese sticks; hard-boiled eggs; or frozen multi-grain muffins or pancakes that can be easily thawed and heated.

A protein shake or smoothie is another low-carb breakfast option that can be easily made with a cup of almond or soy milk, a scoop of protein powder, and some frozen fruit such as bananas, strawberries, or blueberries. After combining the ingredients, give them a whirl in the blender and drink it on your way to work.

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