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Tips for Moms to Eat Healthy and Stay Fit on the Go

I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty tough keeping up with the stress of being Superwoman all the time. So many of us are bringing in an income, raising our children, and keeping the house clean (sort of), while running a slew of errands and trying to find something to put on the dinner table every night. However, with all of that going on one of the

Labor & Delivery | The ABCs of Cord Blood Banking

In this age of product recycling, it is exciting news that we now have the opportunity to recycle life-saving blood cells that have routinely been discarded with the placenta after childbirth. The ultimate in biological recycling is umbilical cord blood collection. Last year, 600 children died of Leukemia. Ten to 15 thousand Americans each year are unable to find suitable bone marrow donors. No longer must donors undergo painful procedures

Nature’s remedies could be harmful to your reproductive health

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, infertility is diagnosed after one year of not being able to achieve pregnancy. Even with so many people lined up to register at baby stores, it's estimated that about 6.1 million American couples experience infertility each year. That's about 10 percent of the reproductive population. If you are having some trouble getting pregnant, take a look and see if you are using

What is Spider Weins?

Telangiectasias, or spider veins, are small enlarged blood vessels near the surface of the skin. Eis experienced spider veins during her first pregnancy, and they mostly corrected themselves with time. But now they've returned with a vengeance. "My OB/GYN said it's due to the increased blood flow caused by my body working to create another person, and she recommended that I wear those ... compression stockings, which are neither comfortable

Mama’s Got Biceps- Building Muscle

Weight training with machines, free weights or resistance bands is a great way to build muscle strength and create a more toned body. Although many women include strength training in their fitness workouts, once they become pregnant, many often discontinue their training because of fears that it may be harmful. Contrary to past concerns, strength training done properly is a safe and effective way to provide the muscular strength needed

Pregnancy Nutrition & Recipes – Should pregnant women participate?

"It seemed a logical step that if I could see one set of emotional reactions to diet, then my depression might be treatable," says Muzyczka, who ultimately lowered her carb intake and began eating a higher-protein diet. Going on a diet of any kind generally is not a good idea for pregnant women. Muzyczka discovered, to her surprise, that the changes she made were right on. "I went for about two