How to save money on serum

The physiological serum, essential that most of us always have at hand to help our babies breathe better.
Diapers, creampie for changing diaper, cologne, wipes, and serum. I can not live without them.
But when winter comes and you have to use it 2-3 times a day, the pocket suffers.

Babies don’t know how to blow their mucus, and the serum helps them hydrate their nostrils. Our pediatrician told us that we could put him as many times as necessary. There is a home remedy that works just as well, it’s about putting a teaspoon of salt in a liter of water. But I am that practical, I prefer to buy it.

When I started using the serum, I did it with the individual ampoules. They are very practical to carry in your bag but at my local pharmacy, they charge them for about € 6, 30 ampoules. So when winter came and Ares covered his nose so often, we decided to follow the recommendation of our trusted pharmacy and use a much cheaper system.


It’s about buying the liter bags they use in hospitals. They are worth about € 2 and we, who have used them almost daily since October, still have half left. So I estimate that it can last between 10 and 12 months. Exactly, almost a year !!

The way to use it is very simple: you have to buy a new and sterilized syringe and introduce the needle, which we will leave permanently without removing it.


And with the syringe, we will extract in each occasion the dose that we create opportunely. I usually take out the same as the ampoules (5ml that I distribute little by little in his two nostrils).

It is best to do nasal washes with the baby lying down. At the beginning it was torture because Ares did not understand what we were doing and when he returned, he was enraged and cost us a little. But now he is delighted with life and seems until he likes it, what if?

I hope this trick helps you!

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