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Tips for Moms to Eat Healthy and Stay Fit on the Go

I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty tough keeping up with the stress of being Superwoman all the time. So many of us are bringing in an income, raising our children, and keeping the house clean (sort of), while running a slew of errands and trying to find something to put on the dinner table every night.

However, with all of that going on one of the first things many women start to let slide is their own health. Eating healthy and hitting the gym often goes out the window when moms are too busy to take time out for themselves. Below are some great tips for all of us to eat healthy and stay in shape while on the go:

1. Fast Food doesn’t have to mean high calorie. There are some great apps out now that help busy folks make better food choices when they have to grab food on the go. Of course, cooking at home is still the best option, but with the handy-dandy apps available on your smart phone you can still keep track of the nutrition information at all of your local fast food chains. Don’t get fooled into eating a thousand calorie salad, when there are healthier options. It only takes a few seconds to check out the restaurant, and then you can go in with a solid plan for getting the most nutrition with the least amount of calories.

2. Always keep good snacks in your bag. A great way to avoid chowing down on a juicy Big Mac is to keep some nice, healthy snacks within easy reach during the day. It can be easy to forget to grab a meal and sometimes food is a matter of opportunity. Give yourself the tools to eat healthy even while on the run.

3. Switch to water. Busy moms on the go often forget to carry the obligatory bottle of water, so always keep a bottle with you so that you can stay hydrated. Not only will this help keep up your energy levels, but it will also help flush out toxins that accumulate in the body. When you switch to drinking water you get all the hydration benefits and none of the calories that fill sodas and juices.

4. Keep moving. Even when you don’t have time to hit the gym there are lots of ways to keep your body toned and fit. Take the stairs whenever possible to get the cardio benefit and work out the gluteus muscles. Take a nice brisk walk during your lunch hour to get in some extra exercise and clear your head for the rest of the day. Use a headset for telephone calls so you can walk instead of sitting down at your desk. There are also some great pieces of exercise equipment that can fit under your desk so that you can keep working even in a seated position.

It isn’t easy to juggle all the responsibilities when you work and raise a family, but keeping up with your health isn’t optional. Stay healthy so that you can keep up with your busy lifestyle.

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